Which Type of Flooring Should You Get Installed?

Your floors may see a lot of wear and tear over their lifetime. After all, you walk on them, run on them, and they have to hold up your furniture. The more people you have in your home, especially pets and children, the more wear your floors may see. When it comes to flooring installation, you may wonder about the right one to choose. Do you prefer carpeting or something more solid? Read on to see the benefits of different options.

Flooring options in Athens, TN


If you want a rustic feel in your home, hardwood is a great choice. After all, it comes from trees, and nothing gets more natural than that. Plus, in terms of durability, hardwood flooring can last for as long as 100 years with good maintenance, according to HGTV. If you own a home that you plan to pass down to your heirs one day, a hardwood flooring installation may outlast your lifetime and theirs as well.


Sometimes you want to come home, kick your shoes off, and walk barefoot on the floor. With a high-quality plush carpet, it’s easy and comfortable to do. Carpeting can also provide a soft landing in case of falls or slips. According to Brandon Gaille, over 520 million pounds of old carpet is diverted from landfills annually, and more than 157 million pounds go to recycling. You can feel good knowing your carpeting is recyclable if you’re worried about sustainability. If you’re concerned about budget, a carpet installation is generally cheaper than hardwood.

Luxury Vinyl

Do you desire hardwood floors that are out of your budget? There’s no need to be sad since luxury vinyl is a beautiful alternative. You have a range of design options, as they come in different colors and patterns, many of which resemble wood. Cleaning these floors is super easy, and they require little maintenance. If you have an active household, these floors can hold up well since they’re waterproof and can handle heavy traffic.

As a homeowner, you have many different floors to choose from that can suit your needs and aesthetic preferences. Whether you prefer the comfort and warmth of carpeting, the century-long lifespan of hardwood, or the waterproof elements of luxury vinyl, a beautiful floor is within reach. When you’re ready for a new floor installation, contact Osment Flooring today for a consultation.

As a cherished family-owned business, Osment Flooring takes pride in providing Athens, TN, with top-notch flooring solutions. We offer not just high-quality flooring products but also reliable installation services, all at reasonable prices. Our dedicated and friendly staff is committed to ensuring your flooring journey is seamless and enjoyable. Osment Flooring proudly serves many cities across Tennessee including Athens, Cleveland, Charleston, Benton, Riceville, Etowah, Wnglewood, Tellico Plains, Dayton, Decatur, Loudon, Lenior City, Sweetwater, Vonore, Madisonville, and the Knoxville area. Please contact us at 423-252-0316 or here: https://osmentflooring.com/contact/. You can also follow us on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/osmentflooring.

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